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The Business Of Dating. The Dating Advisory Board takes real-world business strategies from a variety of industries and showcases how those techniques can be used to create a dating strategy. The dating game has changed over the years, and online dating can be a bit overwhelming with so many dating websites and apps to click through. It becomes a full-time job, and people can become easily frustrated. Every business needs to build a brand, but now “YOU” are the brand. I interview a series of business executives and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in sales, marketing, healthy lifestyle, matchmaking, marketing, and branding.

We will discuss strategies to help empower women within our community to be the best versions of themselves. When you come out of a long-term relationship whether it’s a divorce or a breakup, you’re entering into a new life journey. It can feel overwhelming and vulnerable at times especially if you don’t have a positive support system in place. We will be taking a deep dive into strategies that help empower you in multiple aspects of your life. We strive to create a community that empowers women to fulfill their life’s passion and purpose. I’m bringing in the experts to discuss strategies to help empower you on this new chapter of your life.

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