The Ellen Moore Show

It’s Interactive! It’s Captivating! It’s Invigorating! It’s Exciting!…It’s The Ellen Moore Show! | The platform where Gifts & Passions meet Food, Fun, Laughter and Inspiration. Got A Dream? Launch it right here inside The Dream Emporium on the Ellen Moore Show.

The Ellen Moore Show is hosted by non-other than Ellen Moore (aka: “The Cake Lady”; “Ms. Velvet”) of Ellen Moore Cakery. Ellen is known for creating custom designs from scratch, using rich, moist, delicious cakes with artistic confections, especially those incredible Mini Bundtz, that come in several flavors. Ellen is also known for helping others run toward their own dreams, visions and goals.

Ellen is a Visionary, Baker, Cake Designer, Food Enthusiast, Edible Art Instructor and a Next Level Mentor who operates her life and her business on the principle that: “Life is synonymous with cooking & baking; when you understand the ingredient and how it behaves, success is probable.” Ellen is dedicated to “Always baking a difference” and this show is no different!

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