Parenting Today with TyRenee

Society is ever changing and filled with so many differences and uncertainties. Join me as I embark on discussing “Parenting Today” for every child, every parent at every aspect of life thru the years.

I am TyRenee, a multicultural, multifaceted parent in a multi-blended family with ten children. A melting pot of learned parenting from foster care, adoption, guardianship, birth and the lil loves that came my way by kinship. I would love to share the good and the ugly hard truths that parenting has to offer while we navigate in life..

Lets relate, support and share the how to handle the single parenting struggles to mastering the marriage mingle and the home based hustle to the career or corporate clash. We will talk about the wholeness of parenting and the best part of what we can offer out kids in life ~ all positive hard truths ~ meanwhile laughing along the way.

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