Dr. Barner's Hour of Power

Dr. Barner's Hour of Power is the first and only Live Network Marketing/Multi-level Marketing Home Business Show designed to encourage, promote, train and remove the myths & mysteries of Multi-level Marketing and known by some as ?Pyramid Schemes?.

Are you trying to decide what to do? Do you want to know the truth about this industry? Can you actually make MONEY? Does it work? Are there Tax Benefits? Why should I join? How to start a home business? How to build a downline, make contacts, market your business, what system do I use, is MLM legal, etc?

Dr. Barner has over 38 years of MLM experience. He is a MLM Top Income Earner, Trainer, & Keynote Speaker.

And he is the Author of 'Let's Be Honest about Network Marketing/Multi-level Marketing'. This book is a must read for all Network Marketers and anyone who is thinking about becoming a network marketing professional.

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