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Let’s hang-out together and talk about a“total life balance” concept. It’s not enough to be physically fit or emotionally stable. Our lifestyles demand that we maintain good health. Good Health consist of: mental, spiritual, financial, social and physical success. These five components are so inter-related and inter-dependent that it is probably appropriate to think of health as a single entity. Let MentorMe® and its community partners enlighten you, befriend you, excite you and EMPOWER YOU to live a healthy, prosperous and balanced life! As the Director of MentorMe® Enterprise, LLC and MentorMe® Drug Testing Services, LLC I delight in helping individuals, families and communities create memorable moments through encouragement and information-sharing! I want to get to know YOU and introduce you to my connections – tune in to MentorMe® Memorable Moments on Sunday evenings at 6 pm and learn how you can make informed decisions to balance your lifestyle! ~ Tracy E. is a Community Advocate, Workshop Presenter, Money Management Coach, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and a member of the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals.

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