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WLVS Radio is dedicated to bringing you quality radio broadcasting 24/7/365

Now broadcasting in ALL 50 states and over 135 countries worldwide, WLVS Radio is the largest Live Streaming-online station in The United States. is unique, commercial-free, mobile “Radio You Can Watch.” The station’s streaming audio and video content is dominated by music, talk and entertainment of all genres and topics. Available on all mobile formats, WLVS Radio is completely app free and does not require filling out forms to access the stream. Boasting high quality broadcasts from over 70 on-air personalities and DJ’s, WLVS Radio sets a new precedent for the future of broadcasting… Free, Mobile/Global “Radio You Can Watch” within seconds without download!

*When there is not a live show scheduled, our in-house DJs will be spinning music from the Listen Vision catalog, as well as rebroadcasting past episodes.
*Interested in having your own show or your music played on our station? Send an email to
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